How to use our resources

Our study courses are designed for personal home study [at your own pace], or to be worked through in a small group [this often helps with costs].
The courses can be worked through using the manuals ... however, if you would like the full explanation and teaching, we encourage everyone to get the DVD’s – these are really the “meat” of the material.
It is important that you work through our resources in the correct order. Each teaching and/or course serves a very specific purpose, and each course builds upon the previous in sequence.
We would appreciate your cooperation in this regard … and it will make it much easier on you!

If you only do part of the training, you will have selective knowledge, and could draw incorrect conclusions, thereby forming invalid opinions of the Biblical principles we teach.  So ... where should you start?

We recommend for everyone to begin with our “Journey2Freedom” course. This is really the foundation to much of our material. “Journey2Freedom” deals with the topics of deliverance, spiritual roots, personal and generational curses, and demonic doorways.

From here, we recommend to work through the “Healing Our Wounded Hearts” series.

This course deals with the “other side of the coin” of deliverance and walking in victory – dealing with inner healing and emotional pain. To walk in the FULLNESS of Messiah, we need to address both “sides of the coin”: deliverance and inner healing.  

For the serious student and/or counsellor seeking advanced training – those that have completed “Journey2Freedom” and “Healing Our Wounded Hearts” – we recommend our “Soul Care Advanced Training” series.

The focus of this series is to train up counsellors/leaders in the ministry through teaching and practical application. This series also focuses on intercession, prophetic ad apostolic ministry, as well as prayerwarfare.


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